PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications)

Due to boom in IT sector, there are many IT courses like Diploma in Computer Application, Engineering in Computer Science, Engineering in Information Systems, Bachelor of Computer Applications (i.e.) BCA, etc. PGDCA is a 1 year degree program and it is a course related to the computer industry. Generally, the course covers software programming and applications like application of the operating systems, C, C++, Data Structure and many other programming languages.

In India, there are many universities and colleges who are offering PGDCA courses in distance education. The student is required to fulfil all the selection criteria to finally get selected. After PGDCA student can apply for job after the completion of the course or you can do further studies after the PGDCA or you can start your career by working in software companies. There are a number of job profiles which are available to the students of PGDCA. All the sectors are open to the PGDCA student, but the condition is there should be some requirement there. The better the student performs; the better will be the chances of his bright future.

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